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turoperatora odisha

Najbolji i vodeći turoperatori Odisha

Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Odisha every year to visit its incredible historical site, religious events, and majestic scenery. The most experienced and knowledgeable local travel company for Odisha tourism, Sand Pebbles Tours, has been helping visitors to explore and experience Orissa for over fifteen years. The leading Odisha tour operators and Orissa […]

lokalna turistička agencija u Odisha

Najiskusnija lokalna turistička agencija u Odishiji

Visitors come to Odisha for any number of reasons. Some to experience its history and architecture, others for the religious experience, many to tour its natural beauty, and some for business. Whatever the reason, there is no better way to travel the area that with the convenient and affordable services of a knowledgeable local travel […]

Pokreće se Kultura Extravaganza 'Magha Mela'

The biggest event of the Mahima sect popularly known as ‘Magha Mela’ also known as ‘Joranda Mela’, kicked off at its international headquarters in Odisha’s Joranda in Dhenkanal. The cultural extravaganza attracts lakhs of devotees from different parts of Odisha and devotees from different parts of India and mostly from Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh […]

Osjetite festivale šarene glazbe i plesa u Orilu

Odisha is located in the eastern Indian state along the Bay of Bengal. It is known as the land of arts, crafts, literature, dance, and music. Also, known for its tribal cultures and ancient Hindu temples. The people of Odisha have always expressed their quest for creativity in every form. During the winter season, Odisha […]

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Zimski obilazak Odisha

Otkrijte Odise Winter Tour

Looking for ideas to travel this winter, but want to visit somewhere interesting? Sand Pebbles’ Winter Tour Odisha Package is all that you wish for. Termed as the Kashmir of Odisha, Daringbadi thick forest and numerous waterfalls will inspire nature lovers. Full of caves, creeks and hills Satkosia Tiger reserve is the best place for […]

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